Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Grown Beans

Less than a month into our marriage, we had a great opportunity to baby-sit Andrew's three younger cousins, ages 8, 5, and 2. Beautiful and fun children. We learned a lot of stuff. A lot. And mostly what we learned is that we don't know ANYTHING about raising children!

BYU student married wards are pretty interesting. We were a little surprised when we walked in to church and saw everyone sitting in pairs!

Honeymoon in Disney World

When we checked into our hotel in Disney World, they gave us "Just Married" buttons to wear. We cheerfully put them on, and like magic, everyone was rejoicing in our recent union as much as we were!

We think we saw the same 2 newlywed couples throughout the whole week at the park. Presh.

Married May 1, 2010

We loved all our wedding gifts! Especially the old fashioned egg beater and the pig-shaped fry pan. Unfortunately, we planned to live in a place located thousands of miles from each of our reception locations. We spent a lot of post-wedding wrap-up returning gifts to local stores and making lists of what to buy again once we got back to Utah. The only casualty was a beautiful serving platter we returned to JC Penney and then couldn't buy back because they no longer had it in stock!