Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I felt guilty for getting "When in Rome" the other day, so I watched it in the morning and ran down to put it in the mailbox before the mailman came that day. I knew "The Bourne Identity" would be coming next, so I thought we were even steven--one movie for me, one movie for Andrew. But SURPRISE! The next movie was actually "Stardust," which we have yet to watch because Andrew is still so disappointed. Looks like I lost my job running the Netflix queue. I'll just stick to the Instant Queue. It's already full of seasons of Lost and 24, so Andrew won't notice if I throw in some Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl, right?


  1. I have an interesting comment about this. I realize this was posted a while ago, so I am assuming you both watched it. How did your hubs like Stardust? Because I can tell you, I really enjoy that movie, but Paul LOVES it. Like he will watch it even if I am not around. And many girls I have talked to said their husbands are the same way. For some reason, guys are drawn to it. Did your husband love it?!

  2. You know, he was SO skeptical when I got it. He thought it was made in the 80s. He ended up liking it a lot, wayyy more than he thought he would. I don't know that he would remember it as one of his favorites, though, I'd have to ask him. I have noticed that guys really enjoy it though! I wonder what it is that draws them to it.