Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're goin' to Jackson

We went to Jackson Hole this weekend as a final hurrah for our first summer together. School starts in a week, and we needed an escape before we settled in to our Fall routine. We joined forces with our friends David and Natalie Bean (no relation!) and road-tripped to WY for a camping / whitewater rafting trip.

Our campground was lovely, in the middle of the Elk Preserve (no Elk in sight), and I was grateful for the bathroom option -- an outhouse with a hole in the ground. I drank as little as possible without getting dehydrated, and only used that wonderful option twice during our 2 night stay.

I usually never pack enough shirts for camping, so I was generous this trip. Not even necessary. Why is that?

This is the four of us plus Andrew's cousin Jason who was our guide on the river. We are currently "surfing lunch counter." Basically, we purposely got stuck on a big rapid and rode it for about 5 minutes! We have some great photos thanks to the guys taking photos from a rock above us.

Just outside our campsite -- what a beautiful view of the Tetons!

David and Natalie with the elk antler archway in the town.

We had such a great trip! And we all came home healthy, mom!

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