Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of Candy Cane Joe-Joes

My seasonal treats are the reason my diets don't really start until mid-January. But, today I ate the last Joe-Joe, and so I'm back to carrot sticks and pretzels for my snacks.

Other seasonal treats I love:
  • Stollen (mom's homemade and truly delicious bread)
  • Candy canes (we have some leftover, but I am SO OVer those things; definitely only seasonally delicious)
  • Advent calendar chocolates (only delicious because you can only have one at a time)
  • Chocolate oranges (probably seasonally delicious, but I only have one per year so I can't tell)
  • Cookies (all those crazy Christmas cookies you get from everyone; mostly delicious)
Just 11 more months until I get more Joe-Joes! (Right, Emily and Matt?)

1 comment:

  1. HAHA! So true about Holiday treats. I managed to avoid the Joe Joes, even though I could easily eat half the box in one sitting. Those things are trouble. If I'm being honest, I really just forgot about them, and then they were gone. Good thing your mom isn't around my house baking Stolen because that is my favorite treat.