Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Entertainment

February is the WORST. How am I supposed to be entertained? At least it is warming up.

AND we had a GREAT Valentine's day.
Our Sunday conversation:
Andrew: Can I have the car tomorrow? I need to run a few errands.
Laura: Oh, actually I need to run a few errands.
Andrew: I guess we can both run errands after our Thailand prep class...

SO, we planned to buy our Valentine's presents for each other together. Oh boy, "adjustments in marriage" as Chrissy would say!

BUT (curve ball) I snuck on campus and got Andrew's present at the BYU bookstore. I then told him that I couldn't get the present for him because they were out of stock. Then I gave it to him after he gave me my beautiful new necklace. And I yelled,

"I WIN VALENTINE'S DAY!" (in Gloria's accent of course)

The story is ALMOST over. We got home and Andrew tried on his gift:

DOH. Of course as an editor, I noticed right away. Too bad I didn't notice at the store. He swapped it out the next day.

I guess February could be worse...


  1. February is the worst! Love the jersey, and Andrew's face while wearing the misspelled Brigham. Here's to March!

  2. Ha ha! I love modern family! You should have kept that shirt.....