Monday, September 5, 2011

I lied a little.

This is the last Thailand post. We just wanted to share a few last photos of the people we will miss the most:

1. Prawech and his wife. They have been involved with the BYU program for years, and they made us feel so at home when we first got to Thailand. We had a great goodbye dinner with them a few weeks ago.

2. Mae Nontakorn: Andrew's mission "mom" treated us SO well when we went to Bangkok. We love her so much.

3. Manop and Anna: My bosses at work. They are such great examples of hard work and humility. Anna fed me every day and taught me so much during the summer.

4. Tee and Ian! Our travel agents all summer. Also our best friends. Also our favorite cooks. We couldn't have done this summer without them.

Ok, that's it. It's really over. 2nd week of school for Andrew, and last week of second vacation for me! Life goes on, but we are so much better after this summer in Thailand, and I'm so grateful for that!

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