Monday, November 18, 2013

Like It's Your Birthday

The data can't lie - I had the best birthday yet this year. It's a good idea to evaluate your self-worth based on people who write "Happy Birthday" on your Facebook wall, right?

Andrew knew that I really just craved time with him, so he planned a bunch of fun activities all weekend long!

Friday we went to the basketball game and then I got a milkshake at Coldstone. I also discovered I really wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday.

Saturday, after my dance class (already a fun day), Andrew took me to Einstein Bagels for breakfast. Then that afternoon, we had people over to watch the football game and eat pizza.

Saturday night we went to Old Towne Grill for dinner (with a coupon from Hayley and Jonathan, THANK YOU), then Andrew took me to a bed and breakfast. We went there last year for my birthday and had the best time, so we decided we should go again. It was so relaxing and charming. And breakfast Sunday was so good that we didn't even need to eat lunch that day.

Had enough yet?

Sunday night, Andrew surprised me with an ice cream cake! And he secretly invited a ton of people over to eat it with us. It was so fun and I felt so loved, so thanks to everyone who came by!

And it's still not my birthDAY.

MONDAY, the big day. Andrew made me breakfast in bed! (So if you're counting, that's three breakfasts!) I love him. He never gets enough sleep and he still woke up early to show me he loves me. (BTW we had bullseye eggs, which is a cute tradition we've had going since we started dating in 2006.)

Then, I went to work. And my lunch crew gave me the cutest present! Popcorn, hot chocolate, crystal light packets, perfect.

Then, Andrew took me to the movies that night (we had leftovers for dinner because hello, we had so much delicious food from the weekend!). We saw Ender's Game and had a great evening together (Andrew sacrificed a lot of study time to celebrate with me all weekend. It was the best present). And I opened my presents (thank you thank you, I feel so spoiled!).

I'm grateful for another great year ahead of us. We have been so blessed. I'm grateful for my husband and for all he does for our family. I'm glad my Heavenly Father cares so much about me that he will send me gentle reminders that I am loved. I know I need that to get through this dark, cold winter.

Here's to being in my late 20s!


  1. How fun!! Wish we could have joined in with the festivities! We live too far away :/ We miss you!

  2. You are still in your mid 20s, just like I'm still in my late 30s :)