Thursday, June 30, 2011

We learned how to cook

 One of our cultural excursions led us to a cooking school here in CM. We each got to choose 4 dishes we wanted to learn to make. Our chef then took us to the market where we picked out our fresh ingredients and learned about fruits and veggies I may never see again in my lifetime. Then we got to work!

Our first dishes were all curry based, so we each made our own curry paste. Hard work! Andrew and I will stick to buying the paste already made I think.

Everyone working hard frying up their curry dishes. The set up at the school was perfect -- plenty of room to cook, but you could still peek at your neighbor if you got lost!

Andrew really loves cooking, so this activity was perfect for him. He took mental notes the whole time about how to make these dishes exactly the same once we get home.

Between Andrew and I, we made panaeng curry, massaman curry, pad priawan (sweet and sour, but not with the thick ketchup-y sauce), pad thai, kao soy (traditional Northern noodle dish), pad gra pow (basil and pork and lots of peppers), som tum (papaya salad with lots of peppers), and boh bia (spring rolls). So many delicious foods! Once we finished cooking, we sat down to eat it ALL:

Four dishes each was a LOT of food, but we managed. 

BTW that list up there is a menu for all you friends and family that want to visit us in the fall. We're hoping our weekends will always be full of dinner parties!

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  1. We're so excited for you guys to be back in the fall!! But it sounds like you're having an awesome time and learning some great things!