Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thai Beds

I was going to make "Thai beds" the hardest on the scale, but I didn't want to exaggerate. 

I only complain on days when I get home from a day full of hard work and sweat like this one: 

At the deaf orphanage where two of our students work, we were assigned to move the "lids" for the water collectors.

I never would have called them "lids."

Then we built a ditch to collect water.

Andrew is a great taskmaster.

Becca is doing a pretty cool move in this pic. Probably shaking off some mosquitoes.

Then we sandbagged/mudbagged a dam because the pond was going to overflow all too soon.

 Luckily, when we were done, we went for a refreshing dip in this:


By the way, we're bringing her home with us.

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  1. I"ll take here too! She is so darn cute! Great picks! Look like a lot of hard work! Keep it up!