Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation from Our Problems

We had such a great trip to the beach. We flew down to Phuket, but we heard that we'd have a better time on Phi Phi Island or Krabi, so we took a ferry off Phuket as soon as possible (Phuket caters to a younger, looser crowd, and transportation is expensive too). We stopped on Phi Phi for 1.5 days, then continued by boat to Ao Nang beach near Krabi for the rest of our stay. We got to Phi Phi Island twenty minutes before the day-long boat trip left, so we changed to our swimsuits and jumped on the boat! This is what our day was like:
  • Snorkeling x 4
  • Island hopping x 5
  • Beach lounging x 2
  • Swimming x 3
  • Lunch x 1
We had the absolute best time. I think I could have just done the boat trip and been satisfied. The water was just as I pictured it, and there were islands popping up everywhere! 

We got slightly sunburned, though, so the rest of our trip was pretty low-key. We loved our hotel at Ao Nang, ate delicious Indian food up the street, and nursed our wounds a bit. On our last afternoon, we took a long boat to Railay beach. We ate lunch at a cafe right on the beach. Beautiful. We went on a short hike and found Phranang beach, which was one of the best swimming beaches I'd ever seen. Passed some monkeys on the way there, and then caught another long boat from that beach back to our hotel. 

It was great to have this vacation together. I felt so spoiled being able to go on such an amazing adventure with my husband in such a beautiful place! 

I finally learned how to make collages, so this will be a better way to see some of the 500 pictures we took on this trip! Here's Andrew:

And me:

On our boat trip. Andrew rockin' his Ray Bans. 

Swimming in a bay.

Phi Phi Island is amazing. There are no cars or motorcycles. You just walk everywhere, and it's so small that walking is easiest anyway!

This is a view of Phi Phi Island after a hike up to a viewpoint. You can see how it's easy to walk everywhere.

Andrew was so mad at that girl for wrecking our picture. I'll have to photoshop her out of it.

A resort on Ao Nang; view from the ferry.

Our nice hotel on Ao Nang. Elephant towels! We took pictures as we unfolded them so I can fold towels like this when we have guests in Provo :) Also, this is the typical Thai bed as spoken of in this post. This one wasn't too bad, but man, I'm excited for our bed back in Provo!

Eating lunch on the beach in Railay. Love the flowers in the smoothies.

Caves on the way to Phranang beach on Railay. Me sporting my aladdin pants!

Monkeys walking along the bamboo fence. We still aren't sure where they were going.

Catching their breath...?

Phranang Beach. 


  1. I love reading your blog btw... :) And those pictures are amazing, why wasn't I invited again?

    And why are y'all there? I guess I didn't see the 'why we are traveling the world' post. :)

  2. I'm so jealous. After reading this post, Marcus and I decided we need to go somewhere cool. But considering law school starts in about a month and we have an 8 week old- traveling will not be happening lol. But we are SUPER excited for you guys to get back next month! :)

  3. Oh goodness -- all these pictures are just gorgeous! I am so excited that you guys are having such an amazing adventure!