Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mi Panda, Mi Panda

We had a quiet weekend before our big Bangkok trip, so we stopped by the Chiang Mai Zoo for the morning. On the way we saw this parade:

And then, of course, we immediately went to visit my favorite animal at the zoo:

We couldn't stay too long with the giraffes, as they had some business to attend to.

I'm still trying to decide whether to bring a Thai Baby or a Thai Baby Elephant home with me.

I really hope I don't bring one of THESE home:

Opposition in all things.

Thailand is awesome, because they always let you venture into the animals' cages. Here is Andrew feeding some hungry hungry penguins:

Please note his white go-go boots. The penguins were really cute, and Mr. Popper made sure each one got a fish.

This zoo also has three pandas; one was born just before Andrew finished his mission in 2009. Pandas really are so cute.

We stopped at the aquarium which has the longest tunnels of any aquarium. I also thought they had a dolphin show, but they didn't, which I found out as we were exiting. Good thing I'm not 5 or I would've thrown a tantrum.

Then at night we went back to the cultural center where we went on our first anniversary, but this time we brought the kids.

This time, it wasn't raining afterward, so we got to stay and watch the hill tribe dances as well. One group did tinikling! Made me think of those Greenland Pines nieces and nephews. Also, these kids were kind of bored with the whole business, so they weren't very diligent about avoiding the crunching of the dancer's ankles. We heard a lot of "OW"s and "OI!"s during this number. Super funny.

It was nice to have a quiet weekend. There won't be any of those left the entire trip!

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