Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is there a Fourth in Thailand?


The American Consulate held a huge bash for anyone who loves America last Monday. We love America, so we went. Andrew sported his BYU football shirt, and I wore a blue skirt (red is hard to come by in our family; go BYU!).

They had delicious American food for us: burgers, hot dogs, pizza, APPLE PIE, lemonade, burritos, steak. We loved it:

They had carnival games, bouncy houses, and even video games for the kids. This little one couldn't get enough:

All our students ride bikes to get around town. After riding one across town for the first time yesterday, I have a new found appreciation for their skills! Here is me trying to be both artistic and skilled at editing (Thank you Picasa, for giving me such quick options to make my photos look so different from their originals. One day I'll make you show me how to make them look better.):

We leave for Bangkok tomorrow! Aboard the Hogwarts express!

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  1. 1. You guys look so good! And tan.
    2. Yay for American food! I was wondering how you guys celebrated. Thanks for answering before I even asked!!
    3. I stalk all your pictures. So take more please? :)