Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The world's your oyster

 One night, in Bangkok, we went to this delicious restaurant on a pier and ate oysters. I don't even like oysters, but this place was amazing. Check out our starfish dish:

Bangkok's version of Central Park was amazing. They had free aerobics classes going on everywhere, beautiful ponds, and rollerbladers everywhere. I loved it.

Andrew got a suit cut here. I got a dress made and a skirt made. This was a very sweaty shop.

My Thailand staple: cold ovaltine! Hayley and I get it every chance we get.

We also need ice cream a lot here since it's so hot. Becca is rockin' the fray bans.

Thanks to Andrew's extensive knowledge of Bangkok's public transportation systems, we ended up on this little number: the Klong Monster. Think Amsterdam minus clean water plus dead dogs and fast moving taxi-boats.

Hayley's artistic Bangkok photo, touched up slightly courtesy of Picasa. Did I mention we lost our camera in Bangkok? Big thanks to Hayley and Jessica for sharing their photos.

 Oh boy was the traffic crazy here. Layers and layers of roads, just like Gotham City.

We had a great time exploring Bangkok. I have a few more posts coming with more and more pics!


  1. PLEASE, please tell me that you've heard the song by Murray Head "One Night in Bangkok." (One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster...) Because I'll be honest and tell you that now its stuck in my head.

  2. First of all, that starfish dish is freaking me out. Second, now I want to go commission a dress to be made for me. Preferably by a Thai person. Third, I would neeeeever want to drive a car in Bangkok! That is insanity.
    Also, I will DEFINITELY keep notes on how to survive as a law school student's wife! That is, if I do survive! ;)