Thursday, August 11, 2011

I whip my hair back and forth

I can't wait to let my hair go free when we get home. It's getting pretty crazy. Also, the new conditioner I bought here is sticky, so that can't be helping matters.

Our second to last weekend together was spent at a boat house on a lake. In Thai, it turns out "boat house" just means "floating house." Thailand always surprises me. Like, when we visited this waterfall:

Nang (remember him from the trek?) told me I could climb the waterfall. Yeah, right, that thing's wet. I was wrong! You can climb up the waterfall. The rocks were almost sticky even! I loved it.

We only got mostly wet. Our camera survived, which was good.

This is us looking down from the top of the waterfall. Such a beautiful spot!

We needed more group photos, so we took a few.

This is us playing "never have I ever" in the lake at night. We look like we just floated the whole time, but actually, we played tons of fun games. The best was nighttime spoons. We put glowsticks in water bottles and threw them in the lake. Then the first person to get four of a kind in cards grabbed the bottle in the middle, and the rest of us had to jump in the lake and grab a bottle. The last person didn't get a bottle, so they were out. It was all fun and games. Also, someone got hurt. But she's ok now.

This is the view from our little inlet. It was a gorgeous lake. All of those houses are like the one we stayed in.

It was another successful weekend with some really awesome people. We got to relax a bit and catch up on our reading for school :)

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  1. Um night spoons is genius!! I love it. I will definitely have to try that some day. And that waterfall is beautiful. I'm loving reading all about your adventures in Thailand! Sorry I'm a comment slacker... :) I still love you.