Sunday, August 7, 2011

You'll find a god in every golden cloister

We loved our sightseeing in Bangkok. There are some truly beautiful temples there! I don't want to overwhelm you with pictures (we took billions, and those are lost, but luckily we got trillions of pictures from other peoples' cameras), so this post is just collages (I am really in love with those right now).

From far away, the temples were impressive and old, but up close, they were overwhemingly detailed. They used plates and tea cups to decorate parts of the walls, and it made me think of the Kirtland temple!

We also visited the Teak Palace, where Rama V and his family lived for a brief time. It was such a beautiful home, built completely of teak wood! Each section of the house was color-coded so you wouldn't get lost. The center picture in the above collage is the teak palace, and that rounded section was the king's apartment. We all wanted to live there!

Bangkok was a great trip. This is my last post about it, I promise. Today is my last day of work, so our time here in Thailand is coming to a close! It's been an incredible adventure, and I better get the rest of our adventures documented before I get home, because I know I will just get melancholy thinking about Thailand and I won't want to post anymore.

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