Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And the tough guys tumble...

Can't be too careful with your company!

All these photos are real, I'm not even kidding. Mostly I was only terrified of the croc and the man-eating tiger. The cub only wanted milk, not meat, so he was cool.

This zoo was incredible. I've never been so close to so many animals. We got to play with a chimp riding a bike (with training wheels, don't worry), watch lions tumble and fight together, feed crocodiles fish heads, and more. Unbelievable experience.

Andrew feeding crazy bird some cereal. He only liked the fruit loops, definitely not the fruity pebbles.

Notice how cautiously I'm holding this pole. 20 baht (less than $1) to feed a croc a fish head.

So we all did it. I had to have Hayley help me hold the pole...I was afraid I would just let go of it!

The farm has 30000 crocs. The reason why those guys aren't in danger of going extinct.

This chimp made me laugh so hard. It was like playing with a little kid. We all enjoyed his company while he was biking to work. 

And then there's this little cub. He was ready to get away from his siblings. The photo lady caught him just in time.


  1. Oh my dooooole. That first picture I freaked out thinking it was real, then I relaxed realizing it couldn't possibly be a real crocodile, then I freaked out MORE because you said it IS real. Whaaaaaat the h. That is so terrifying. I have had nightmares about crocodiles, and I've never even been that close to one! Heebie jeebies.

  2. This is soooo awesome!!! I just went to the San Diego Zoo today, and it was super great, but it is not at all interactive like your amazing Thai zoo! I want to feed a baby tiger and touch a full-grown croc.

  3. That's it. You have officially made me want to visit Thailand.