Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Proof we are here

Why I am blogging so much: I'm in the mood. I should probably save posts and publish them one day at a time, but I am too impatient for that. I want to publish all the posts at once. Also, as soon as I am not in the mood, I'll stop posting, so I want to record as much as I can while Thailand is still new to me!

This is the view from our roof garden. Doi Suthep is in the background--it is a mountain with a temple at the top. We will definitely go there sometime soon. 

Wat Chedi Luang. The Emerald Buddha used to be kept in this Wat, but now it is in Bangkok. 

I love all the English signs here. I should post one a week or something. 

Inside a wat. 

Our anniversary dinner! We had so much fun going to the cultural center. We ate on the floor in a huge room with a unique buffet-style Northern Thai meal. They brought the buffet to you though, which was nice. Then there were performances. So neat to watch! We were pretty jet-lagged and sleepy, but it was fun.

Northern food is mostly fried, I learned. 

The musicians.

The dancers. For the last dance, they called members of the audience up to dance on stage with them. Of course I went up! (After ducking my head and hiding behind Andrew hoping the nice Thai lady wouldn't ask me to go dance.)

For Family Home Evening on Monday, Andrew and I went to the movies to see Thor. We liked it a lot, and at the beginning of the movie, they played a song and movie about all the wonderful things the King of Thailand has done. Everyone stood up without prompting and sat down when it was through. So amazing! I have never seen anything like it. 
Here I am outside of the movie theater with Ronald McDonald who is wai-ing. To wai is to greet someone with your hands in Ron's pose. In America he just waves, so it was cool to see him in another light. Also this McDonalds only sold ice cream and broccoli pies. 

Andrew by the Mae Ping River here in Chiang Mai. I don't know why these stairs are here, because the water does not look inviting. 

Yeah, staying out of that water for sure! Andrew says it's so brown because of the rainy season.

My turn for a picture.

Outside the American consulate. The outside wall is covered with murals painted by different school groups. My favorites said, "Freedom is...Freedom," "Free. Dom." "Freedom = Friends."  

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