Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks, Andrew

Having Andrew here has been invaluable. Is that how I mean to say it? Not really. I could not be here without him. Yes. I think other people could, but I have been so overwhelmed by everything that I can't even speak ENGLISH to anyone. I'll learn how to speak up soon, though.

Today at lunch:
Nice Thai lady (Translated through Andrew): You need to add the fruit and other toppings to your coconut rice.
Me: OK.
Nice Thai lady: (Puts pineapple on my rice. Puts something else--nuts?--on my rice. Puts something else--no idea--on my rice.) You like garlic?
Me (To myself): I think that's really spicy peppers. So no, not on my coconut rice.
Me (To nice Thai lady): No, thank you.
Nice Thai lady: Hmm?
Me: No. Thanks.
Nice Thai lady: Blank stare.
Me: Um, Just a little.
Nice Thai lady: OK, a little.

There, communication. I think I'll be OK here.


  1. Such an exciting adventure! I can say that as I sit in my American apartment - I would be pretty frustrated by an inability to communicate. It's so fun to read about all that you guys are doing!

  2. Oh my goodness -- this makes me laugh. Because...that was SO my life when I moved to Korea. I felt like an idiot several times a day. Old women were always giving me that look of pity mixed with something else I never quite understood. And now, 9 months later, I can ask for a dish that is less spicy. At least I try to. Sometimes I get so nervous that I just end up saying, "yes please" instead. Good luck in Thailand!!