Monday, May 2, 2011

Food glorious food

The best food places so far have been back in an alley, no doors on the store front, plastic sun-worn tablecloths and plastic stools, and super fresh food. I think food has been the trickiest thing for me to adjust to for a few reasons:

  1. I came with expectations (bad idea). I thought I knew what Thai food tasted like! But nope. Close, but nope.
  2. I like sweet things for breakfast. Thais like fried rice and regular lunch and dinner stuff.
  3. I like air conditioning while I eat. But fans are good, too, I guess.

Overall the food is delicious and I found a way to satisfy my sweet tooth: Milo. Haven't had that stuff in years!  We bought little box drinks of it and put them in our mini fridge.

In case you missed it on FB, here's where we live:

Except our bed is white now. They came and cleaned and took away the purple. I wonder what we'll get next week!


  1. I am laughing about breakfast--totally know what you're going through!!! Have a blast.

  2. Google translate tells me you blog title is "Our lives on the graph." Pretty good.