Thursday, April 5, 2012

New iPad / iPhone file management app!

My company, AppTime, LLC, just released a new app called MyCabinet. It's a really great app, I use it all the time! Download it for free today, tell your friends about it, help me out.

What is MyCabinet?
It's an innovative file organization app that allows me to graphically arrange documents, photos, and more. I can take it with me wherever I go. It stores the important documents I need with me so I can access them quickly and easily on the go. MyCabinet is currently available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

And it's FREE.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available, what makes MyCabinet so unique?

On your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you don't have a shared file management system like you do on your home computer. MyCabinet users can consolidate and organize pictures, movies, documents, notes, audio files, web pages and more in one single location. Users can add images to represent their folders, documents or tasks for a customized and personal experience.

*NOTE: Because there is a web browser within the app you can use to save web pages (like bookmarks), the app has to be rated 17+. There is nothing inherently mature about the content! You just have the ability to search the web and type in addresses, so just don't be bad and you won't have bad stuff in your app.

What about Android?
The Android version will be available soon. It is still a few weeks away, but we are looking forward to having the app available for Android Phones and Tablets shortly.

How do you make money?  Are there annoying ads?
No ads. We adopted what is called a FREEMIUM model which means you get great, real value for FREE. We hope you then start to see MORE value in some of our other options available on MyCabinet.ME or on iTunes. For example, for a low annual fee you can have your own private, virtual file cabinet experience to:

  • Synchronize content between your iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices (soon). Add something on one, and it gets shared to the others.
  • Backup your content in the cloud. Should you lose your iPhone, you get everything back just by logging in.
  • Share your folders, documents and tasks easily with others
  • Consolidate content from your Dropbox or Google Docs accounts (this feature is also available separately as an in-app purchase)
  • Add documents from your PC or Mac computer using a web browser on MyCabinet.ME (You can also try this feature out for FREE)
  • Clip web pages on your computer and add them automatically to your MyCabinet account
Try out the app! It's really great, and remember, you can try it and use it for FREE! 

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  1. I got it! I can think of lots of uses which will help me tote around stuff I have n vrious computers.