Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crafternoon #3: Scrappy Baby Blanket

For Ann's (Harry's) baby shower, I made a baby blanket following a tutorial from Brittany's aunt. Brittany and I made a blanket together about a year or two ago, and I love it. It's simple to put together and to quilt, which is good since I still don't know how to machine quilt very well.

These pictures were taken before I washed it; the edges of the squares fray after washing, making it scrappy and awesome.

I used fabrics from all sorts of places. The cute embroidered animal squares were from a skirt I got at a church swap meet. The dusty blue is from a skirt all my sisters and I got matching for Matt and Chrissy's wedding. The green is leftover flannel from my t-shirt quilt that my mom and I made during a hurricane several years ago. The plaid squares are from a shirt I got in Portland (?) at the outlet mall for $2. And the dots, zebra, and leaves are leftover from a project for Asia's nephew.

The background is a natural muslin, and the backing and binding are green stripes and polka dots respectively. I love these blankets. I need to wash them all a bit more because they tend to be a little bit stiff. No one wants to cuddle a stiff.


  1. laura you are so talented! i wish i was half as crafty as you. this blanket is absolutely adorable!

  2. You cut up our matchy skirts???? Now what will we wear on Sisters Nights?

    1. Hahaha! Something from Cotton On I bet. Or maybe plaid nightgowns?

  3. It looks great Laura! You are so talented - and thrifty.