Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tennis practice

We had so much fun on Sunday. Andrew and I, Brittney and Jake, Natalie and David, and Kinsey and Clint played soccer and tennis at the park! It ended up being pretty painful for me--two tennis balls hit me, one in the face and one in the chest. I should probably work on my back hand.

Also, I think I'm done playing with the background and layout of our blog. I can't help trying out new looks, but I think I like this one enough to keep it for at least a few weeks.

I'm thinking of starting a new blog about how I copy other people's blogs. I've made 6 projects based on blog tutorials I've found. I'll make a post soon with pictures and references to the tutorials, just so those bloggers get their just desserts for their awesome work.

42 more days until Matt and Chrissy come! I just know Ramsey and I will have the best time together. And we'll teach Beck how to walk. Jody is coming too, and I think Jamie and Tyler and baby Avery. Needless to say, I'm workin' for T-giving break! Very excited for all the family to be here.

What should Andrew and I be for Halloween?

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