Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You know it's true. Just take a look at the list of blogs you follow.

Last week of work. I am pretty excited (understatement). Two weeks + 1 day until we leave.

We'll be living in this Boutique Hotel for the next four months. It's so much nicer than I expected! I'm relieved to have a place to come home to that is clean, air conditioned, and clean. And clean. In the midst of everything I don't know about, it's nice to know about where we'll be living! It's amazing how even my basic expectations of how life is lived have been thrown out the window because I don't have ANY IDEA what to expect! I hear "road" and I think dirt path. I hear "city" and I think ten huts and a shop. I hear "jungle" and I think jungle. We'll just have to see what life is actually like.

15 days!

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  1. WHOA that looks really nice!! I'm excited for you... 15 days! crazy!!