Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things that go BUMP in the night

"JAMIE! JAMIE! We're only supposed to be OVER HERE!" [Andrew yanks on our duvet and suddenly I only have access to the sheet to stay warm.]

Oh boy, so loud. And scary. (Jamie is Andrew's sister, btw.) I had to walk around the house to calm down! This morning he remembered yanking the covers and apologized, but he didn't remember yelling at Jamie.

This is only the second sleep-talking incident that involved yelling, so I've been fortunate. (The first one he yelled at ME!)

21 days to go!


  1. Ha ha-- Dave always has to put up with my antics like that. One time I full on slapped him (hard) on his face in my sleep... Thankfully they make funny stories for later.

  2. We warned you! haha He's always been a big sleep talker/yeller/story teller...and yes! It is VERY scary! Something about us Bean kids and our sleeping habits are a little goofy! At least he doesn't punch in his sleep like me.